You can now prepare budgets in the Dasi eCLINIC cloud program

From this menu we explain how to create them in a simple way:

Manual for its management

  • The first thing we will see will be a window where we will look for the patient for whom we want to quote. We will filter for your search, select it and click on “OK”.

  • Once selected, the window will show us a view of your file and a summary of your budgets and their status. We can hide this information by clicking on this icon:

  • We have an options panel, available at the top of the window:

Search: Through this icon we can search for patients.

New budget: From here we will create a new budget.

Modify: Budgets that are not in “Accepted” status can be modified.

Clone budget: Allows you to copy an already created budget

Delete: We can delete a budget that has not been accepted

Print: It opens a new window with the budget to be able to print it.

Signature: Allows the budget to be signed.

We will also have a summary of the patient’s file:

By clicking on this button we will be redirected to the patient file.

Here we can see the uploaded documents of the patient.

We will also have patient balance information.




In the next window we will see the budget number, the date of its creation (editable), and the user for whom the budget is being created.

We will also have a space where we can add discounts (if it is the case) or, if we work with mutuals, the percentage of financing that this makes on the budget.


In this example we have chosen the patient Navas Santillán, Sonia (demo), to whom we will apply a 10% discount on the budget.

Then we must click on “Send” if we have filled in what is necessary in the previous window or cancel to cancel the changes.

  • Add treatment to the budget: Once the budget has been sent, we can start adding the treatments that are part of the budget, to do this, click on the [+] icon.


A window will open with all the existing treatments of the different specialties. We will have a series of filters to facilitate your search.

  • Options for editing a budget treatment:

Delete: It will delete an added treatment.

Modify : Allows you to individually edit a treatment added to the budget.

Reorder : From here, you can move the treatments up and down respectively to order them as you prefer.

To approve the budget we will click on the “Accept Budget” button. We will see that the total price of the budget appears, which is taken from the sum of the treatments.


  • At the moment of accepting it, its status will change from Therapeutic Plan to Accepted . Once accepted, it is not possible to edit the budget again.


  • NOTE: Among the available options we have:

Cancel Ppt: Cancel the budget we have created. Once canceled it is not possible to use the treatment again.

Stop Ppt: The budget goes to “Stopped” status and will not be available for use until it returns to “Accepted” status.


Within “Integrated visit management” , in the right panel, we will see that the treatments of the patient’s budgets will appear. To add the treatments we must select the treatment or treatments and click on “Add” .


  • The added treatments will appear in the management window, and by clicking on the “Modify” icon we can edit their values (units, sessions). We can also add more treatments that will not be part of the budget by clicking on the [+] icon.


  • NOTE: When generating a budget with mutual, the charge will go to the Billing menu> Mutual forecast.



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