DASI developed the Laboratory module of the DASI Clinic software for Pangea, to manage all the tests and routines, which are created dynamically, as well as for the control of reagents and batches, recording the traceability of the process.

Key project data (February 2012)
Application launch year: 2009
Number of users: 10 in the laboratory, 5 in consultations.
User profile: analysts and laboratory technicians, oncologists, administrators.
Number of patients treated with the application: approx. 4,000
Number of tests registered in the system: 2,500 per year
Number of samples treated: 650/year (35% for clinical diagnosis, 65% for R&D)

Pangea Biotech, located at the USP Dexeus University Institute in Barcelona, offers personalized treatment to cancer patients. For this, it has a modern 380 m2 laboratory, the first pharmacogenetics laboratory in Spain to receive accreditation by the international standard ISO 15189:2007 (www.enac.es, nº 750/LE15156), for the genetic study of cancer patients. through the analysis of specific mutations or the expression of certain genes. In 2010, he performed more than 5,000 genetic tests and more than 2,000 pathological evaluations on tumor samples.

“The application is of great help in daily management, it minimizes errors in routines and tests.”

Susana Benlloch, Head of the Pangea Biotech Laboratory.

What motivated you to develop this application?
We needed a system that would help us organize the records that are generated in the laboratory and that would facilitate their management under our Quality Management System, and we did not find any suitable IT solution on the market. With DASI we worked on this solution until we reached an application that organizes all our records and allows us to work in an absolutely systematized way.

What features stand out in the application?
Apart from the detailed recording of tests and samples, and the generation of reports, the application accurately marks the traceability of the samples, which allows us to carry out a thorough investigation of the causes of non-conformities, and gives us detailed information of people, equipment and reagents used at all times. On the other hand, the application is
It helps enormously in incident management and, for example, notifies us of reagent expiration dates, essential to preserve the quality of the samples and the accuracy of the results. It also highlights the registration and location of authorized providers for each material we use.

Has the solution also streamlined administrative processes?

Yes, in its day we developed the connection with the Clinical History software, also from DASI, and which is used in the Consultations of the Dr. Rosell Oncology Institute, with which we are linked. In this way, doctors can make the request directly on the application, without using paper, and in turn they can directly consult the results and the report on the computer. Communication is thus simpler and faster.

How do you rate the care received from DASI?

As for the service, it is excellent. Any incident is resolved very quickly, and the dialogue is always very fluid to improve the application. What is costing us the most is improving the speed of the application at times when several users are connected. This does not prevent us from continuing to work normally, but it is undoubtedly the improvement that we would sign to be able to affirm that it is optimal.

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